Our technical grade products have a broad range of uses

They are  recycled as a source of renewable energy by biogas production plants, and even used as fuel for heating our own production facilities. It becomes a key input in chemical treatment of leather for high end car interiors or luxury handbags, yearly replaces several thousend tons of chemicals.

Bio Energy Silage
Technical grade oil

Sustainable green power from waste material from the Salmon farming industry.

The production of bioenergy from aquaculture fish silage constitutes a fantastic opportunity to solve environmental challenges. Our vessels operate and serve the Norwegian salmon farming industry along the entire Norwegian coastline, yearly collecting several thousand tons of Category 2 salmon by-products. This valuable material contributes to making green energy.

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Bio Energy Silage
Technical grade oil

Salmon oil from waste material transformed into valuable products

ScanOil® K2 is a Salmon Oil extracted from hydrolysed category 2 salmon by-products. It has a low melting point and good oxidation properties which makes it suitable for fat liquors production for the tannery industry, as an input factor for biofuel production or directly as fuel oil. Our own factories use only ScanOil® K2 as a source of heating during our production.

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Raw material

Origin of Category 2 raw material

The raw material for technical grade use comes from the salmon farming industry in Norway.  Our vessels go directly to fish farms and collect fish that has been removed from the farming pens. This is then recycled into technical grade products at our factory in Lysøysundet.

Our technical grade products are made from sustainable sourcing that guarantees the highest standards of labour conditions, environmental safety, and biosecurity.


Green energy

Waste material providing green bio energy to our cities

ScanBio is proud to contribute to the reduction of emissions in the transport sector by supplying category 2 waste material that we collect from the Norwegian salmon farming industry. Several thousand tons of waste material is converted into 46 GW of green energy yearly in the form of liquid biogas, used in busses, trucks and cruise ships and contributing to making Norway carbon neutral.

technical industry

Replacing chemicals

Contribution to the reduction of harmful chemicals in the leather industry

Several thousend tons of category 2 salmon oil from ScanBio is each year contributing to the reduction of harmful chemicals used in the leather making process.

The chemicals normally used in the leather manufacturing are based on petrochemistry, due to the easy fossil raw material availability and their chemical stablility. Category 2 Salmon oil is an efficient and sustainable alternative to guarantee the reduction of environmental impact in addition to the contribution to circular economy.