ScanBio’s products were invented by our customers

ScanPro® og ScanOil® were all born in a cooperation between our company and our customers. It was a joint work to add value to the fresh raw material coming out from fish processing units, and integrate it in the food chain again in the most efficient, and most adapted way. For 35 years ScanBio integrated a series of technologies to extract, hydrolyse and concentrate protein fractions. A strict control of hydrolysis is necessary along the chain from collection to industrial processing.

Fish Protein Concentrate
Fish Oil

ScanPro®, naturally hydrolysed and concentrated fish protein from Norwegian salmon, pelagic and white fish

ScanPro® is hydrolysed by native enzymes and has high digestibility as well as hypoallergenic properties. The hydrolysis process increases the assimilation of peptides for maximum nutritional value. It has proven to be a first choice replacer of the best fish meals, with an excellent economical advantage and solid nutritional performances in various industries.

Fish Protein Concentrate
Fish Oil

ScanOil®, the range of fresh quality fish oils produced from Norwegian salmon, pelagic and white fish

ScanOil® Salmon is the Norwegian salmon oil produced from salmon by-products from farming companies complying with GSI (Global Salmon Initiative) to ensure maximum quality, transparency and biosecurity. The strict level of control is a guaranteed absence of contaminants and medical substance residues in our oils. ScanOil® Pelagic and White is our herring and cod oils with the highest amount of EPA and DHA, and thus, extremely beneficial in animal feed formulas for more nutritional value. The Norwegian wild fish catch in the Northern Sea complies with strict standards of fishing practices recognized internationally to guarantee the sustainability of marine resources.


Animal nutrition range

ScanBio holds the following approvals

Animal By-Products. Approval by Norwegian Food Authorities (Mattilsynet) number 800094 (cat 3) and 1000989 (cat 2) (EU Regulation 1069/2009 & EU 142/2011  ).

GMP+ B1 Production of feed material and compound feed. Approved by Bureau Veritas Certification Denmark, certification number DK10004O. Approved until August 2024.

MarinTrust standard for responsible supply. Registration number 183. Approved until November 2023.