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The company

Leading producer of feed ingredients from sustainable marine and aquaculture sources

Scanbio Marine Group is established in Trondheim, Norway, with production facilities in Bjugn and Lysøysund, Norway and transport vessels along Norwegian the coastline. Scanbio is a leading Norwegian producer of highly nutritious fish protein concentrates and fish oils which are valuable ingredients for the aquaculture feed, animal feed, Petfood, and bio-fuel markets from pelagic, white fish and salmon by-products.  The Company’s business addresses the growing global market demand for protein ingredients from sustainable and renewable sources.

Sustainability is a core value for ScanBio. No fish is caught specifically to supply our factories.

Our history

A story that began in 1909

waste management

It all started after the extremely rich herring season of 1909 during which Skipper Peter Jakobsen could not get his catch sold to salting because of the size of the fish. So much blood, sweat and danger behind a catch that did not give any profit. Mr Jakobsen with his brother then decided that this was not to happen again and fitted his fishing vessel with a cooker and a press and in 1910 had the first floating fishmeal and oil factory.

Throughout all this period a large part of the protein faze “stick water” was discharged into the sea driven by a lack of technology to handle soluble protein. During the Second World War after extensive R&D, a solution was found and patented. This technology is today widely used throughout the whole fishmeal and oil industry.


Chief Executive Officer
Kamel Gabriel EL KHALOUI
Chief Financial Officer
Director Aqua Services Business Unit
Director Ingredients Business Unit
Chief Operations Officer
Factories & Vessels

Our factories are located in the middle of Norway and our fleet of vessels collect fish by-products along the entire Norwegian coastline

ScanBio Ingrediens Bjugn produce our products that are intended for animal nutrition and ScanBio Ingrediens Lysøysundet produce our technical grade products. Our fleet of vessels consists of 7 vessels including our new flagship, ScanBio Elida.

leader waste management
waste management of seafood

Reducing our carbon footprint without sacrificing our performance

ScanBio has invested in a new generation of silage vessels that will be the most advanced in the industry. They will be joining our fleet in 2020 and 2021.
They comply with the latest biosecurity norms and benefit from improved fuel efficiency and grinding capacity.