Are you wondering what the aquaculture industry thinks about ScanBio? So did we! That’s why this last spring, we hired Celero to do a big customer satisfaction survey for us. Our goal was to find out what services the aquaculture community needs, and want us to prioritize moving forward. You can read the fish farmers honest replies in this condition report.

— Reading the feedback from the fish farmers has been very exciting. We are so pleased that so many are so happy with the services we provide. At the same time, the survey has inspired further development, because now we know even more about what’s important for the fish farmers we serve, says Kamel Gabriel El Khaloui, CEO of ScanBio Marine Group AS

Condition report on ScanBio’s services

The survey has, among other things, given us feedback on our core services, such as bio-secure collection of silage, delivery of acid, and emergency response services in the event of extra high mortality. We also examined topics such as innovation, communication, the quality of our staff – and many, many other areas.

The analysis shows that ScanBio has several clear competitive advantages, which are very important for the breeders that we service. In general, customer satisfaction is very high, even when the data is compared with other service providers in the aquaculture industry. The breeders call ScanBio reliable, skilled and punctual, and say that ScanBio has a constructive approach to environmental protection and circular aquaculture.

A selection of the feedback is gathered in this condition report.

She has “such a splendid voice”

During the interviews, we quickly experienced that fish farmers like to “call a spade a spade.” Few held anything back when they answered, but rather said things exactly as they are. This gave us a lot of excellent feedback and great constructive criticism – while also leading to some absolute grains of gold.

— The reply that made us laugh the most came from one of the operations managers. He thought that our logistics manager, answering the phone at the customer service center, has “such a splendid voice”. He was thrilled with the help he received, while also finding it an absolute delight to talk a little bit on the phone.

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