The white fish by-product silage sourced by Scanbio, origin from more fish species; however majority is from Cod (Gadus Morhua) or grey-dark Pollack (Pollachius Virens). The by-product silage is collected from white fish receiving stations situated along the coastline in region North. The receiving stations are typically operated by fishing vessel owners or cooperatives, and as such the by-products origins from a “fully integrated sourcing line”. Scanbios silage units are implemented directly in the filleting or harvesting lines and by-products are immediately ensiled after gutting, giving the maximum shortest supply chain. Once storage tanks are full, Scanbio receives samples of the silage for microbiological analyses; and samples are analysed once again for TVN pre to loading on-board our vessels. Result of these samples decides whether Scanbio accepts the quality of the silage.

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