The red fish by-product silage which is sourced by Scanbio, origins from the significant and important Salmon farming industry in Norway. On a yearly basis the Norwegian fish farming industry produces a massive volume of 1,2mill ton of farmed Salmon (Salmo Salar) -and the industry generates 10-15% of related by-products from its harvesting plants. This gives Scanbio access to a sourcing market volume of 120-150.000 tons of by-products. Scanbio are fully integrated in the plants by-product infrastructure and has long term sourcing contracts with more than 20 harvesting plants. Once storage tanks at the harvesting plants are full, Scanbio receives samples of the silage for microbiological analyses; and samples are analysed once again for TVN pre to loading on-board our vessels. Result of these samples decides whether Scanbio accepts the quality of the silage.

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