100.000 tons of by-products…

Each year Scanbio sources 100.000 tons of by-products for our 3 factories. Scanbio supplies a broad network of demanding global customers with meal, FPC and oil, and for whom a safe and secured sourcing line is crucial.

To secure sourcing line, suppliers to Scanbio are pre-authorized by our Quality department. Means our staffs pre-inspects suppliers production chain, including; gear, pipelines, storage facilities and HACCP plan. Once authorized, there are yearly follow up inspections. Our suppliers also meet strict demands upon microbiology, sampling and analyse structure and further regulations within etic, environment and staff safety.

Facing above demands can seem overwhelming, especially for our minor suppliers, but Scanbio has efficient procedures for authorisation and our inspectors are very helpful in the process as in the best interest of both parties.

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