Reintegrating aquaculture effluents to generate energy and vegetal proction.

In the European Union, the great interest in the field of bioenergy arises from the need to increase the use of renewable energy sources in order to achieve a number of objectives: reduced reliance on fossil fuels by using a diversified energy supply; environmental protection by reducing emissions responsible for climate change; development of the agro-forestry sector by proposing new sources of income; and  efficient disposal of waste materials. In recent years, modern bioenergy applications have become increasingly important to countries as a low-carbon, distributed, renewable component of national energy sources.

Over the years, financial incentives in many European countries have encouraged farmers to produce heat and/or electricity from biogas, exploiting a “multifunctional” concept by which farmers not only carry on the traditional farm activities, cultivating crops and raising livestock, but also produce biogas energy, potentially augmenting their earnings and generating environmental benefits for society as a whole.

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