40.000 tons of K2 silage collected yearly from 620 fish farm localities

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Scanbio collects more than 40.000 tons of K2 silage from 620 fish farm localities p.a., as a service to the fish farming industry. The farms are situated along the 66.000 kilometre coast line of Norway. K2 silage origins from Salmon (Salmo Salar), and a minor share from trout (Salmo Trutta 3-5%). K2 silage is produced with whole fish which accidentally has died during the 18-22 months farming period. The fish died due to; mechanical damages, stress, unsuccessful health treatments or diseases. The dead fish are removed from the farm nets on a daily matter, immediately ensiled and following stored in designated tanks on board the fish farmers barges. When storage tanks are full, Scanbio logistics are advised via an integrated notification system. Pre to loading K2 silage on board, samples are analysed on board vessels minilab and following sorted in two quality categories, one quality for biogas and one quality for the fur ingredient industry

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