7/7 24 hours emergency harvesting service and health issues management, licensed by health authorities.

Emergency number

(+47) 561 47 300

As part of our services to the Norwegian, Faeroes Island and Scottish fish farming industry, Scanbio offers emergency response to fish farms. The response services are used in event of mass mortality in the fish stock. Mass mortality can be due to; diseases in the stock, algae attacks, lice attacks, lack of oxygen or in event of fish treatments which didn’t go according to plan. Scanbio vessels are equipped with large pumping systems, grinders, sub-cameras and specialized staff to handle situations with very large amounts of dead fish, in the shortest possible time.

 There can be up to 700 tons of fish inside one farming net, and it’s crucial to the condition of the remaining live fish and condition of the cage system, that dead fish are removed as fast as possible. Scanbio´s 4 vessels were involved in over 100 response situations in year 2014 and this number are to be exceeded in year 2015.

 In addition to the response vessel service, Scanbio also offers fish farmers access to strategical positioned, 24 hour manned depots, containing mobile response units. The mobile units are brought to the farms by Scanbio and are operated by the fish farmers. Package contains training, consultancy, maintenance and wash of the equipment after use.

 The response service also includes emergency harvesting, means destruction of live fish due to health issues. Behalf all Scanbios vessels are approved as mobile slaughter houses by the individual countries health authorities.

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