2 700 tons of fleet capacity equipped with on board processing.

Scanbio operate 4 vessels which travel along the full Norwegian coastline. The vessels have individual capacities to carry 400m3 to 950m3 of fish by-products. The vessels load by-products at 620 fish farms and 20 slaughter houses. In average vessels dock at each fish farm 5 times a year, taking fleet total number of dockings to exceed 3.000p.a. Our fleet also services fish farms with mass mortality handling, and these operations exceeded 100 in year 2014. Vessels are controlled by our Logistic department at Bjugn, the department uses a tailor made version of Extend as planning tool and each vessel is equipped with a mini laboratory used for prequalifying by-products before loading.

Cubic meters fleet capacity

Built in 1970 Scantrans is the oldest vessel in our fleet, nevertheless it is still one of our most efficient freighters. Scantrans is 52m long, 9m wide and loads 700m3. The vessel is permanently fitted with a complete emergency response system and is approved by Norwegian Food authorities for emergency harvesting. Vessel operates 24/7 and is staffed with 4 persons

Haugfjord was built in year 2011. Vessel is registered as chemical tanker, but Haugfjord are actually the only vessel in Norway ever made with the specific purpose of freighting fish silage and to be an emergency response and emergency harvesting vessel. Haugfjord is 45m long, 10m wide and loads 700m3. Vessel operates 24/7 and is staffed with 4 persons

Haugbass was built in 1995. Although smallest vessel in our fleet, it is nevertheless the “toughest”, the vessel is equipped with strong efficient silage gear and with very experienced staff and vessel is used to handle the most challenging response and emergency harvest operations. Haugbas is 27m long, 8m wide and loads 350m3. Vessel operates 24/7 and

Biotrans was originally built in 1978 as a large trawler, since then it has been rebuilt several times, today it mainly services as raw material freighter along the weather tough routes in the northern regions of Norway. Biotrans is permanently fitted with a full emergency response package and is approved by the Norwegian authorities for emergency harvest. Biotrans is 55m long, 9m wide and loads 950m3. Vessel operates 24/7 and is permanently staffed with 5 persons.

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