GMP + Certified

IFFO RS Certified

GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance is a complete module for the assurance of feed safety in all the links of the feed chain. Demonstrable assurance of feed safety is a ‘license to sell’ in many countries and markets and participation in the GMP+ FSA module can facilitate this excellently. Based on needs in practice, multiple components have been integrated into the GMP+ FSA module, such as requirements for the quality management system (ISO 9001), HACCP, product standards, traceability, monitoring, prerequisites programmes, chain approach and the Early Warning System

The Global Standard for Responsible Supply (IFFO RS) is the leading independent business to business certification programme for the production of marine ingredients.

As the fishmeal and fish oil industry has continued to expand there has been an increasing need for the industry as a whole to demonstrate its commitment to responsible practises in the way of sourcing, manufacture and supply. In order to support sustainable market growth, decrease the impact the industry has on the environment and to provide stakeholders with a tool to demonstrate responsible practise, the IFFO Governance Board (IFFO RS GB) put together a multi-stakeholder Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) to develop a business-to-business Global Standard for the Responsible Supply (IFFO RS) of marine ingredients.

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