ScanPro®. Naturally hydrolyzed and concentrated fish protein.

The hydrolysis process increases the assimilation of peptides for maximum nutritional value. It has proven to be a first choice replacer of the best fish meals, with and an excellent economical advantage and solid nutritional performances in various industries.

ScanPro® 35/4 SALMON

  • Dry matter 50% 50%
  • Protein 35% 35%
  • Fat content 4% 4%

SanPro® 35/4 SALMON is a marine protein concentrate of salmon. All salmon material is collected by Scanbio’s ships from human food  slaughtergouses and processed in ScanBio’s production unit to preserve freshness and nutritional value. It is hydrolyzed by native enzymes and has high digestibility as well as hypoallergenic properties.

ScanPro® 31/5 PELAGIC

  • Dry matter 50% 50%
  • Protein 31% 31%
  • Fat content 5% 5%

SanPro® 31/5 PELAGIC is a white fish protein concentrate from Norwegian slaughterhouses where it is processed for human consumption and processed in ScanBio’s production unit to preserve freshness and nutritional value. Pelagic fish concentrate ScanPro® 31/5 is commonly used in Norwegian salmonids feed formulation


Illeal Digestibility


Peptides < 10 kilo Daldons

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