hydrolysis, oil extraction, and protein concentration.

Tons processing capacity

ScanBio’s factories consist in hydrolysis, oil extraction and protein concentration units. The hydrolysis units enzymatically transform the fish protein to highly digestible peptides (up to 98% illeal digestibility, 99 % < 10 kiloDalton) and concentrate it up to 50% dry matter. The raw material is transformed in acid and antioxydation stabilized silage to secure the feed safety along transport and storage operations. Ensiling units at fish filleting plants are supervised by ScanBio to guaranty the best quality of raw material.

The fish oil is extracted and purified. Pelagic fish and salmon are processed separately as separate products to provide 100 % single specie oils and protein concentrates. The group has a high capacity feed material approved facility located in Bjugn (Trøndelag, Norway), that receives constant flows of fish silage

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