Protein, a profit driver of animal nutrition

Strategic component of feed industry, protein is the frame of livestock construction. 
The acceptability of marine concentrates and the high digestibility and biological value of the fish protein , enables partial replacement of the expensive milk protein in milk replacers for baby pigs under three weeks of age without affecting performance . At early weaning stage, the fish protein concentrates contributes essential amino acids and other important nutrients very effectively. It assists in the developpement of its system of protein digestion enabling optimum growth and feed conversion to be achieved.

Hydrolyzed fish concentrates ScanPro® have proven to be an excellent fish meal replacer due to it enzymatically hydrolyzed proteins, and it economical advantage in several piglet production areas worldwide, helping a better productivity and feeding performance. Combined with our fish oils ScanOil® from pelagic fish or Norwegian farmed salmon, the fish feed receives the necessary amount of EPA DHA requested for a balanced and safe growth.

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