Hypoallergenic, and digestible source of salmon protein for cats and dogs.

ScanPro® enriches the protein fraction of diets, without affecting the mineral balance and the overall fat content. Making it suitable for low fat Petfood (recovery diets, light, indoor). To preserve recovery diets tolerance, the protein fraction of ScanPro® is highly water-soluble, and more digestible than classical sources of animal protein (up to 98% pepsic).

We made 99.9% of peptide molecular weight bellow 10kDa. Hypoallergenic diets requires small peptide molecular weight. We made no concession on the hydrolysis level to cancel the risk of allergenic reactions. A higher  assimilation of small peptides is made possible as 93% of peptides in the Scanpro® are bellow 1kDa.

ScanPro®’s amino acids profile displays a highly beneficial biological value. As a natural source of Arginine , it helps pets respiratory, heart and immune functions. As lysine source, it helps animals protein synthesis and growth. Glutamic Acid’s metabolism (8g/100g) is also essential to digestive efficiency, and phenylalanine preserves skin and coat health. It is indeed an excellent natural source of essential amino acids for pets.


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