A pure fish protein, concentrated and made digestible to enhance aquaculture performance

Fish feed requires high level protein in the diet, especially for various kinds of marine species and most of practical feed contain high amount of fish meal as a main protein source. However, the increasing price of fish meal is the most important concern related to economics and availability of this ingredient in the future, and fish feed industry challenges to reduce dietary fish meal level. Therefore, the replacement of fish meal with efficient alternative protein sources in fish diet is ongoing research priority to fish nutrition.

Hydrolyzed fish concentrates ScanPro® have proven to be an excellent fish meal replacer due to it enzymatically hydrolyzed proteins, and it economical advantage in many key aquaculture production areas worldwide, helping a better productivity and feeding performance. Combined with our fish oils ScanOil® from pelagic fish or Norwegian farmed salmon, the fish feed receives the necessary amount of EPA DHA requested for a balanced and safe growth.

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